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ChaturbatesUS reviews ElisaDeathNaked
Writing this review is hard because there is no way words can describe ElisaDeathNaked.

She is uniquely entertaining. Nobody ever sees her face which adds to her mysterious reputation. Even the way she waves to everyone is sexy. Her performances are indescribable. I have seen her fuck her rocking horse, teddy bear, the handle of a hammer. Recently I saw her perform as a ghost to the tune of Ghostbusters. Amazing! She is creative like Leonardo da Vinci, whose famous Mona Lisa painting Elisa uses in her room.

Elisa really appreciates everyone. She persoanlly thanks every single tipper no matter the size of the tip.

I could go on and on about this awesome lady but words can't fully describe her. You really should visit Elisa even if it's just once.

Go visit Elisa. Tip her one token just to see her sexy wave when she thanks you. But I warn you, once you experience Elisa you will be hooked. She is the drug of choice for many people.

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